The tech selling road that led me here... 

I worked with a sales coach starting in Spring of 2021  and it was beyond words beneficial to me personally and professionally. It helped me to hone in on my values and goals through being intentional with my time.

Leaning into the things we unpacked together has completely shifted my life in the best ways possible, I am happier and healthier than EVER! Not only did I launch my own business but found a career more aligned with my purpose and passions while making more $ with less stress. (know your worth!) 

Trust me, I’m the first to admit and understand how truly hard it is to find balance while you’re in sales… you’re in the thick of it, day in and day out, you’re lucky to eat 2 meals that aren’t takeout a day, you have a quota you’re striving toward, you have a leader who is pushing toward your team goals, and you have a personal life on top of it all! (not to mention all my fellow care-givers who are taking care of others in addition)

This was me, this was my story and it led me to burnout to the most extreme levels and I'm here to help others avoid burnout, unlock their potential, and find true peak performance while being happy and healthy (and making $$$$$)

Who I am as a seller and human 

I’m excited to share that I’m launching my own coaching and consulting business to help others do the exact same thing!

As a single mother and business owner, with a keen sense for achievement, I have always aimed exceptionally high and reached higher the next day. There’s never been a task or quota I didn't think I could conquer and it is my goal to empower sales reps to not only find and harness their own power, strength, and gifts but to do it all while being mindful and living their VERY BEST lives!

I believe wholeheartedly that who we are outside of work is a direct relation and impact on who we are able to show up to work as and it is of the utmost importance to ensure a phenomenal work life harmony to truly unharness the potential within! It is also my desire to help tech organizations offer their employees the power, space, and freedom to fully embrace their authentic selves harnessing their strengths and gifts, in turn resulting in true peak performance!

Outside of my professional accomplishments, I am co-chair to our Women's ERG where I have helped to organize, structure and scale that program. I am very passionate about creating a safe space and community in the workplace. Diversity, Inclusion and Equality are true north star values of mine. I would be honored to work with you and am excited for what YOUR future has in store for YOU! In case no one's told you today, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! 

My Certifications & Qualifications

Sales Methodologies
M3 Skip Miller
6 Sigma

ACC Life & Leadership Certified Coach

Holistic Health & Wellness
Healing Touch Practitioner
An array of holistic courses 


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