Whether you're a driven sales representative, a devoted working mom, or a woman of faith seeking balance, control, or new heights in life and revenue. Your search ends here as I am here to guide you on this transformative journey

Hi, I'm Chantae! 

Embark on a transformative journey with me as your dedicated sales and leadership coach.
In the blossoming days of Spring 2021, I delved into the world of sales coaching, and the impact on my life, both personally and professionally, has been nothing short of extraordinary. Through meticulous guidance, I honed in on my core values and strategic goals, mastering the art of intentional time management. The results were astounding—my life underwent a complete metamorphosis for the better. Radiating with newfound joy and vitality, I not only successfully launched my own business but also discovered a career seamlessly aligned with my purpose and passions. In the pursuit of financial success, I unearthed the golden key to prosperity with reduced stress—an invaluable lesson in self-worth.
As someone who has experienced the relentless demands of the sales world firsthand, I understand the struggles of maintaining balance. The relentless grind, the constant pressure of meeting quotas, and the leadership expectations can leave you gasping for a moment to savor a home-cooked meal. I've walked that tightrope, danced with burnout at its most extreme levels, and emerged with a mission—to guide others away from the precipice of exhaustion.
My purpose is to empower you to unlock your untapped potential, achieve peak performance, and revel in a life of prosperity, all while embracing genuine happiness and optimal health. Let's script a narrative of success, where financial abundance seamlessly intertwines with well-being.scription here.

My Certifications & Qualifications

Sales Methodologies
Sell Hoffman 
M3 Skip Miller
6 Sigma

ACC Life & Leadership Certified Coach

Holistic Health & Wellness
Healing Touch Practitioner
An array of holistic courses