Offerings / Workshops 

1:1 Coaching

Work with me as your coach in a 1:1 setting! We will partner together to create a brave space where we can work on any of the following: goal setting, career exploration, identify values, soul / self care, routine building, identify boundaries, and more! I will be there to encourage, inspire, motivate, and help hold you accountable every step of the way. 

Sales Training & Consulting 

Assortment of in person, remote, and hybrid sales training offerings. (Prospecting, Discovery, Negotiations, Closing, Sales Process, MEDDPICC, and more) 
Enablement: Help define, scope, and execute enablement needs. 

No New Hire Left Behind... make remote work work for you! 

Taking the guess work out of remote life for your new hires! Helping them get acclimated with the remote culture, giving them guidelines, frameworks and tools to set themselves up for success in the remote working environment! I will also partner with your organization to understand your internal tech stack so your new hires are equipped to self serve and find answers for themselves without tapping or waiting for that 1:1 to get answers. 

Avoid + Combat Burnout Fatigue

During this workshop we will uncover burnout and what it is. I will guide participants through the signs to look out for when burnout could be silently creeping in, how to recognize the signs, ask for what you need, and avoid it. We will also do some application/homework where participants will have a list of questions to journal/meditate on to uncover what they need and any blind spots to burnout they might have.

Reintegration Post-LOA from BurnOut

During this workshop I will work with employees 1:1 or in a group setting to unpack how to reintegrate back to work post burnout to ensure they don’t face it again in the future. Work to unpack what tools they will need moving forward, how to set healthy boundaries for themselves at work and home. How to show up fully and authentically, not in fear.

Resilience and Change Management

We will unpack what it is like to thrive and build resilience through change. I will guide your employees through what it means to be resilient, how they can be resilient today, and coach them through some exercises they can begin to implement every day to thrive during a season or lifetime of change management. I will also give them the guide/framework to build their own resilience plan of action!


We will explore the health and wellness benefits of journaling specifically for stress, anxiety and depression. We will explore 5  journaling techniques and will end with a guided prompt where you’ll get to choose your favorite journaling prompt that we introduced and have an opportunity for application!

Sales Mindset 

In this workshop we will unpack what things come front and center in sales such as: imposter syndrome, fear of failure, peak performance, etc. We will also discuss how building tools and resilient behaviors for those mindsets will be key to their success and why. We will unpack the power, studies, and history of mindset in sales. And give real life applications and tools for them to take with them to their roles. 


Come with me on a journey to mindfulness! The goal of this workshop is to equip your employees with an understanding of what mindfulness is, how to truly live a mindful life, and an application exercise where we will unpack what mindfulness means to each individual through guided coaching questions


I offer custom meditations based on themes throughout the year, with an emphasis on helping employees feel and be understood. During Black History Month, I take employees on a Guided Meditation & Reflection For Black History Month. During Women’s History Month we do a meditation for women to embrace themselves fully in the workplace and for allyship to be encouraged and the door for allies to be open from within everyone.

Chakra Connections

During a guided self-chakra connection, I walk your employees through all of our energy centers and help them connect, open, balance, and harmonize their chakra energy system. I will coach and guide them through what each of the energy centers means along with the correlating color during the connection so they can be fully present and gain the most from their experience.