Don't take my word for it, see what my clients have said about the workshops they have attended and the 1:1 coaching they've received :) 

Chantae is a passionate and results-driven coach. She helped me create an individualized action plan by truly listening to me and asking powerful questions about my vision. Chantae got me excited about my own ideas and inspired me to take action to build my business with confidence. After just one session I had a solid plan and attainable goals towards finally living my purpose. I felt motivated and supported by Chantae throughout my coaching experience.

Kristen M. - Accounts Manager

Chantae is a passionate sales coach that wants to help you succeed. She created an action plan that was tailored to me and my goals, and made sure that we were on the same page starting from day one. She truly listens to everything I have to say and offers valuable feedback that I can use in my day-to-day life. Each session I have with Chantae leaves me feeling more empowered and confident that I have the necessary tools to be successful at my job.

Micilia - Account Executive 

"I appreciate 1 - your enthusiasm and passion. 2 - your tailoring to a variety of people- from the newbie to the experienced. and 3 - a good balance of information + action."

Tessa H. IT Director 

"I loved that Chantae talked about the different styles of journaling. I am a big fan of bullet journaling! She is SO GOOD at leading workshops!!!"

Megan M. - Executive Assistant

"I absolutely loved this Be Well Journaling Workshop. As someone who overthinks and has anxiety, this workshop showed me the power of journaling and tools I can use for effective self reflection. I haven’t incorporated journaling (or had a session like this) in my life before and I’ve been missing out. I would 100% do this again. I really enjoyed learning how my colleagues have incorporated journaling in their life and the benefits. I don’t have much that I would have changed about this first session to be honest! I’m a first time journal-er so I was just taking it all in.

Adriana J. Sales Manager

"I really enjoyed the Be Well Journaling workshop. Even though I've been practicing journaling on and off for a couple of years now, the workshop helped to formalize my process and provide a scaffolding for the next time I decided to dive in. Setting aside the time to organize your thoughts or feelings can be difficult, but knowing the mental and physical benefits of journaling combined with some suggestions to begin jump started the process for me."

Ryan F. Customer Success Manager  

"Hi! I attended Chantae's journaling workshop on 2/3/22. I have always wanted to journal, but I have never been able to make myself do it. I am pretty busy at work but I found this very useful to get me started! We shall see. The surprise for me was that honestly the exercise itself was great for me in the middle of a busy work day. We took a breather and journaled and it was balm for the soul. Thanks, Chantae!"

Devon P. Strategic Account Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed your Journaling Workshop. Everything you do is always high-energy and engaging, and I appreciated that you navigated the topic in a way that was accessible to all regardless of their journaling experience. I also learned a few things from the historical tidbits that you sprinkled in. You effectively de-stigmatized the practice and illustrated it's many benefits, and I enjoyed the fact that it ended with an opportunity practice the practice in real time.

Chanelle G. Engineer