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I am fascinated by the human potential and my mission on this planet is to help tech organizations provide a more balanced and harmonized workplace by starting with the employee and employee experience.

Selling Skills for Tech Professionals!

+ Gain Confidence 
+ Adapt, Attract & Acquire More Customers
+ Organization skills 
+ SMART Goal setting 
+ Increased Self Awareness
+ Unlock & Understand your values 
+ Lower Stress Levels 
+ Leaning into and owning your gifts & strengths 

A Holistic Approach to Employee Peak Performance 

+Workshops geared toward reducing employee burnout
+ Mitigate employee dissatisfaction  
+ Decrease attrition
+ Increased ROI 
+ Improved NPS 
+ Employees leveraging their natural talents & gifts to unlock their peak performance 

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them."
Tim Gallwey

The pressure of consistently hitting quota makes it extremely hard to find balance and invest in your own growth and development.

As an A-player, it’s easy to get caught in only focusing on attainment and deprioritizing everything else, even when you know this isn’t the recipe for success. (Trust me, I get it!!!)

That’s where I come in… Together we map out your values and goals and build a plan to unlock your inner peace and peak performance. (while making MORE $$$$$)

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Investing in programs for employee well being results in 4:1 ROI

I provide an array of data driven workshops aimed at combating employee burnout, attrition, and inclusivity.

The pandemic has completely exhausted the workforce, especially caregivers, in fact 53% of employees aged 25-64 agree that their workplace is a contributing factor to their mental health and wellness. Organizations need to be able to provide their employees with key tools to help them navigate the ever changing world, build resilience, and avoid burnout. 

Read below, to find out how Deloitte is seeing the impact of investing in employee wellness.  
"Deloitte on Bell’s ROI for workplace mental health programs — for its over 52,000 team members — saw more than a $4 return on every $1 spent. Additional positive results included a 190% increase in EFAP utilization and a 50% decrease in mental health-related short-term disability relapses and recurrences."

See the entire Deloitte findings report here


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